Thermophysical Properties in the DIPPR 801 Database

Constant Properties
Property DIPPR ID Units
Acentric Factor  ACEN  --- 
Auto Ignition Temperature  AIT  K 
Dielectric Constant  DC  --- 
Dipole Moment  DM  Cm 
Absolute Entropy of Ideal Gas at 298.15 K and 1 bar  ENT  J/(kmolK) 
Lower Flammability Limit Temperature  FLTL  K 
Upper Flammability Limit Temperature  FLTU  K 
Lower Flammability Limit Percent  FLVL  Vol % in air 
Upper Flammability Limit Percent  FLVU  Vol % in air 
Flash Point  FP  K 
Gibbs Energy of Formation for Ideal Gas at 298.15 K and 1 bar  GFOR  J/kmol 
Standard State Gibbs Energy of Formation at 298.15 K and 1 bar  GSTD  J/kmol 
Net Standard State Enthalpy of Combustion at 298.15 K  HCOM  J/kmol 
Enthalpy of Formation for Ideal Gas at 298.15 K  HFOR  J/kmol 
Enthalpy of Fusion at Melting Point  HFUS  J/kmol 
Standard State Enthalpy of Formation at 298.15 K and 1 bar  HSTD  J/kmol 
Heat of Sublimation  HSUB  J/kmol 
Liquid Molar Volume at 298.15 K  LVOL  m/kmol 
Melting Point at 1 atm  MP  K 
Molecular Weight  MW  kg/kmol 
Normal Boiling Point  NBP  K 
Parachor  PAR  --- 
Critical Pressure  PC  Pa 
Radius of Gyration  RG  m 
Refractive Index  RI  --- 
Solubility Parameter at 298.15 K  SOLP  (J/m) 
Standard State Absolute Entropy at 298.15 K and 1 bar  SSTD  J/(kmolK) 
Critical Temperature  TC  K 
Triple Point Pressure  TPP  Pa 
Triple Point Temperature  TPT  K 
Critical Volume  VC  m/kmol 
van der Waals Area  VDWA  m/kmol 
van der Waals Reduced Volume  VDWV  m/kmol 
Critical Compressibility Factor  ZC  --- 

Temperature Dependent Properties
Property DIPPR ID Units
Heat Capacity of Ideal Gas  ICP  J/(kmolK) 
Heat Capacity of Liquid  LCP  J/(kmolK) 
Heat Capacity of Solid  SCP  J/(kmolK) 
Heat of Vaporization  HVP  J/kmol 
Liquid Density  LDN  kmol/m 
Second Virial Coefficient  SVR  m/kmol 
Solid Density  SDN  kmol/m 
Surface Tension  ST  N/m 
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid  LTC  W/(mK) 
Thermal Conductivity of Solid  STC  W/(mK) 
Thermal Conductivity of Vapor  VTC  W/(mK) 
Vapor Pressure of Liquid  VP  Pa 
Vapor Pressure of Solid or Sublimation Pressure  SVP  Pa 
Viscosity of Liquid  LVS  Pas 
Viscosity of Vapor  VVS  Pas 

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