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• Contains 2130 compounds
• Lists values for 49 properties
• Provides data for 34 constant properties
• Includes 15 temperature dependent properties
• Contains raw data from the literature
• Contains critically evaluated, recommended values
• Predicts appropriate values when experimental data is not available
• References, notes, and quality codes included for all values
Different Access Possibilities

• Lite Version
• Stand-Alone Installation
• Server Installation
• Web Access
• Flatfile Format

Product Description

Evaluated thermophysical properties are now at your fingertips.

The DIPPR 801 Database is an extensive database of rigorously evaluated pure component data on industrially important chemical compounds. It contains a total of 2130 compounds to date. In the database recommended values can be found for 49 properties for each compound in the database; i.e. raw data from the literature as well as critically evaluated and recommended values for each of the 34 constant properties. Raw literature data and equation coefficients for 15 temperature dependent properties are also included for each compound. In addition, references, notes, and quality codes can be found for each thermophysical property.

LITE Version

The “Lite” version of the DIPPR 801 Database contains chemical identifications, recommended fixed-value properties and equation parameters for the temperature-dependent properties, equation forms, references, and notes. Source data, background information, etc. are not included, but it still contains all compounds found in the full version of the public database. The price of the Lite version is 60% of the full version price.

Stand-Alone and Network Installation

The database management system implemented by this project is Microsoft Access. A free 'runtime' version of Microsoft Access included with the database allows users to view the data tables and chemical information using a simple graphical user interface designed by the BYU DIPPR 801 staff. The interface enables users to search for chemicals by name, number of carbon atoms, molecular formula, etc.

The recommended system requirements for the database are:

• Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 (or later)
• Pentium Class CPU
• 32 MB RAM
• 800 x 600 Resolution Display
• 150 MB Free Hard Disk Space
• CD-ROM Drive

To download a sample version of the DIPPR Database click here.

Web Access

The WWW interface to the database provides the following enhancements and capabilities over those available in the stand-alone and network version:

• Search for a chemical by name, chemical formula, or CAS number (the option is given to search based on an exact or partial match)
• Enter a range for any of the constant DIPPR properties and find all compounds whose value for the property in question are inside the specified range (can be done for ranges on multiple properties)
• View the accepted DIPPR values and the raw literature data
• Instantly calculate values for the temperature dependent properties at a specified temperature
• Display and graph both the fitted equation and raw data for the temperature dependent properties across a user defined temperature range
• Select from standard units (i.e. CGS, English, etc.) or build a custom set of units in which to display the values in the database
• Print out the information for a given chemical

This version is optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but may work fine with other browsers.

To visit the sample web interface please click here.

Flatfile Format

The DIPPR Database, in addition to being available in Microsoft Access, is also available in a standard textfile format, allowing it to be fully compatible with process simulators and other programs that require textfiles as input. A series of text tables provide availability to all data in the database in text format. A sample flatfile is available for download.

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